Upcoming Events @ WCM

Lookng for a LifeGroup?


· Thursdays at 7pm in Overland Park, KS
Darin Lee at 913-831-4813

· Tuesdays at 6:30pm in Kansas City, MO
Mike Damman at 816-591-8075

· Thursdays at 7pm in Overland Park, KS
BJ McCulough at 913-708-4501


· Sundays at 6:30pm in Olathe
Ashley Williams at 816-419-8503
Chad Ellison at 614-560-5397

· Saturday afternoons in Kansas City, KS
Ryan & Keesha Basel


· Monday evenings in Overland Park
Amelia Frevert, 913-669-2392

· Monday evenings in Lenexa
Abby Zahner, 913-710-2229

· Sunday evenings in Shawnee
Jenny Potter,913-205-3386

· Mondays at 7pm in Lenexa, KS
Krissie Allen, 913 748 7757

· Sunday evenings in Kansas City, KS
Amy Parker, 913-362-9863



What am I Reading (or read recently)??
Surrendering to the Transforming Presence of God Every Day of Your Life
             The Beautiful Fight presents a compelling vision of what a spiritual life really looks like. This book avoids the common error of defining the spiritual life as mere moralism on the one hand, and avoids the danger of “vague spirituality” on the other. The spiritual life depicted here is one that is anchored in biblical truth and grounded in reality. One of the most helpful sections of the book is a careful unpacking of what it means to offer the parts of our bodies to God as instruments of righteousness (Rom 6:13). If you are a fan of Gary’s other books, you will definitely enjoy and benefit from this one.


This book by James McDonald wan an amazing look into my own soul. Pastor James writes as a man who has been touched by Christ so deeply that it make him yearn for more as we look jealously on and change our experience to be more like his. I like McDonald because he is so passionate about the Glory of God plus I like the fact that he is Christ centered in his theology. Plus McDonald is very down to earth and straight forward in his preaching. The book is about revival… personal revival to be exact. McDonald starts his book with showing us the need we have to see who God really is in his Holiness, followed by and leading us into becoming broken before God, which should then lead to repentance and ultimately living in the the grace and power of God. If you feel you have lost some of your passion for the things of God, then this book may be just what you need.

Sex, Sushi, and Salvation

Finally a person who can put my thoughts into words! Christian George is a theologian cleverly disguised as a story teller……..  See the rest of my review here.


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  2. […]  Finally a person who can put my thoughts into words! Sorry, maybe I am showing my cards too early.      In his book, Sex, Sushi, and Salvation, George gives us a refreshing glimpse of what it really means to follow Christ grit, grime and all. If you are looking for a great summer read this is the one!  Christian George (the author) is a theologian cleverly disguised as a story teller. I so appreciated the interweaving of the Gospel narrative into a modern day context. He has pulled off a brilliantly written masterpiece in an engaging style reminiscent of Donald Miller and Rob Bell. His observations on life are deep and easy to relate to and learn from while having a theology that I can grasp and hold on to. If you like the apostle Paul, you’re gonna love Christian George.     Let me be honest, I don’t usually read pretty books about Jesus, generally because they misrepresent Him, and this book does not fall into that category. George’s depiction of God directly and deliberately resembles the God we discover in the biblical narrative: namely, a God whose love for us is illogical, unchanging, passionate, penetrating, and relentless. A love like this, George argues, inspires and demands a response from the beloved (i.e. us), a response that is nothing less than the continual desire and willingness to give one’s entire heart, mind, and body to God.     Like the Apostle Paul, George has seemingly lived the life of a pilgrim-missionary.  Sharing the Gospel around the globe and seeing with his own eyes the stomping grounds of great heroes of the faith.  Also like Paul, he’s compassionate but never compromising. George seems to be the first to admit his pitifully sinful heart, yet trying to live out Paul’s mantra, “For me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.”  Through every turn of the page I found myself painfully identifying with the text yet wanting him to make any mistakes, as I may have done.  George’s edgy-poetic imagery will make you shudder with horror one moment and shiver with delight the next. This book is a convicting punch between the eyeballs in a colorful and conversational tone. George provides a thick Christianity for a watered down culture, as a prophet and shepherd, he boldly states what the Bible demands of people. Many times, this seems to take you by surprise forcing you to examine your own life and admit your own shortcomings before you even realize you are agreeing with him. Throughout the book, George’s abilities as a word smith created memorable quotes that cemented his ideas in my mind.     If you find your heart and stomach growling for the real Jesus, if you ache to authentically live out your faith, if you crave the courage to risk it all for the only thing that matters–you need this book.This is the manifesto screaming what Generations X and Y are so deeply yearning for. Please take the time to purchase this book and take it in.  **Occasionally I will offer a book or two that I have recently reviewed.  Please feel free to let me know what you think after you have read it.  For more book reviews that I am reading on the “Upcoming Events”** […]

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